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Foundations.  Application.  Mastery.

The Study Plan

Doing Homework

Our Delivery

The Study Plan provides the knowledge and tools for children to become independent learners.

Since 2018, The Study Plan has provided educational coaching services to children and their families in grades pre K through middle school.  Our goal is to set children up for success and remove ourselves from the equation by preparing them with the academic skills needed to be independent for the duration of their academic career.  We have worked with children from all backgrounds by providing tailored tutoring programs to fit the unique needs and academic goals of each circumstance.  Our coaches provide customized and comprehensive support, foster independence and confidence, help students improve academic performance, and teach the skills necessary to be more effective and productive in school and beyond.

Student Paper Writing


Teaching academic skills is not a one size fits all model.  We begin with an academic evaluation to determine the needs of your child, while taking account of other aspects of learning to develop a well-rounded approach.

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Goals & Plan

Following the evaluation, specific goals targeting the child's needs are established.  However, a goal is not a goal without action. We design a tailored plan for breaking goals down into smaller actionable steps making it easier to achieve while enjoying the process.

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Our environment helps children thrive in academic settings.  We work within the child's Zone of Proximal Development (ZPD) by providing a fun and engaging academic rigor with the skills the child is developing and tracking the results. 

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