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The Study Plan was founded by educator Sherwin Kim in 2017 to empower children in the Pre-K to 8th grades through self-awareness by providing effective tools, strategies, and mentoring to lead young minds toward success and quality of life.  During his teaching career, he worked on the front lines with students who struggled with learning challenges and the ability to manage their workload.  


The key to helping individuals is through teaching specific skills to effectively manage academic demands, their personal lives, and transform their habits.  Many traditional interventions fail because they do not get to the root of the problem.  Leading toward ineffective patterns that worsen each year as the load of responsibilities increase.  Every person is a unique learner, with his or her own set of cognitive, cultural, emotional, and social needs.  Differentiated, or individualized, instruction is essential to supporting individuals within a social learning construct.


The focus is to minimize the challenges faced by struggling learners by creating action steps toward being productive.  By providing an avenue for success we are able to free up time, reduce stress, and support enriching activities outside of the workload.


Our program is geared towards developing young minds to manage themselves effectively by providing tools, strategies and mentoring that lead to a lifetime of success, by allowing them to clarify and achieve what is important to them, be more fulfilled, and enjoy life.

Currently, institutions primarily focus on what to learn rather than how to learn.  The skills taught at The Study Plan were developed to form habits through daily reinforcement in a safe learning community to receive support for learning and development.

Our Mission

What You Can Expect:

  • Caring Individuals

  • Goal Oriented Support

  • Tailored Instruction

  • Strategies For Learning, Tasks & Habits

  • Checking In With Parents & Teachers

  • Reviewing Assignments

  • Establishing Weekly Commitments

  • Follow Up

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